Sunday, 1 June 2008

Tips to lose weight

In this article we will explore some tried and tested tips to lose weight which will allow you to put into practice methods of weight loss that are based on solid fact rather than fictional hearsay.

Are you one of millions of people who struggle to find effective and lasting ways of losing and maintaining weight loss? Have you been guilty of going from one diet to another diet without seeing any evidence of consistent weight loss?

Knowing the latest tips to lose weight is one thing but finding the right tips that work and work consistently is a problem that most face.

To get the best out these weight loss tips it is important that we set our stall out in a logical and structured way. Firstly we have to explore and understand the way in which our body works and how, if tuned right, our bodily organs can accelerate our weight loss pro gramme and help us fulfill our weight loss goals.

5 tips to lose weight- The power of Detox

Talking metabolism may seem illogical when put in the same context as Detoxing. In essence your metabolism is most probably responsible for a large part of your weight gain, especially if your prone to eat too much and do too little.
To give our metabolism the greatest chance of peak performance then we have to get our bodies operating at peak performance. This means that we have to put the right fuel in and get rid of all of the toxins and impurities that are found in every day food sources.

It is a known fact that if your organs are work efficiently then you will lose weight quicker.

5 natural detox tips

If you want to detox the body then a good tip is to eat grapes. Gapes are rich in flavinols which will give your arteries the boost they need to keep the blood flowing through your body.

Citrus fruits are great little power packed foods that are full of vitamins such as C & E. These vitamins help cleanse and detoxify the liver which is crucial for providing you with clean blood.

Cherries and strawberries are fantastic foods as they are rich in allagic acid which will help you cleanse your body of free radicals and help boost brain power.

Prunes and fiber based foods will give you a smooth flowing digestive system. A regular digestive system is crucial for ridding your body of anti- toxins.

Drink plenty of cranberry juice as this is a great way of keeping the kidneys clean.

There are many more foods that you can include in your diet to help you lose weight more quickly but the mentioned foods are some of the uper foods that make this process happen quicker.

In further articles we will be exploring more tips to lose weight so make sure you bookmark us and get the most out of this blog.

Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Calories to lose weight

Cutting down calories to lose weight

It’s a familiar question but one asked often by a variety of people. ‘What do I have to cut in calories to lose weight?’
In short there is no unique answer as every individual person burns a unique amount of calories on a daily basis, calories that are vital for the healthy maintenance of the body.
Without calories there would be no energy and without energy vital organs would stop functioning.

Assessing how many calories it takes to maintain this natural cycle is a crucial step towards understanding how many calories we need to cut from our diet so that we can lose weight.
The difficulty in assessing our calorie intake versus our calorie usage often lies in poor education and misconception of the foods we eat in relation to what we need to eat.

A very simple way to understand our current weight versus our ideal weight can be seen in the following chart.

Weight in pounds

This is as simple as it gets. Anyone in the blue zone is classed as being underweight. Anyone in the white zone is at an ideal weight. The red zone depicts people who are overweight according to their height and their weight.

So what is the next step once we are armed with this crucial piece of information?

Once we have assessed our closest related zone and we have come to terms with the weight we are we can now move towards taking some decisive actions to overcome our weight problems.
Even at this stage it is important to remember not to do things too quickly as accelerated weight loss in a very unhealthy process and can lead to complicated health issues.

As a rule of thumb the average man needs 2500 calories per day to function in a healthy way. Women need slightly less and come in at 2000 calories per day. These figures are based on the average lifestyle and do not include any excessive exercise etc.

This isn’t rocket science but the amount of people who don’t get this concept is unbelievable. To lose weight we have to change our ways.
This means one of two things or in some cases both.

Losing weight means less calorie intake or more calorie expenditure.

Cutting your calories to lose weight may be the easier option if you are excessively overweight as you may find it difficult to motivate yourself into doing any exercise whilst you are carrying all that excessive baggage.
You can always start with simple exercises from home that are easy to perform and do not require excessive demand on your body.
We have referenced some of these exercises in previous posts so take your pick and get involved. If you make these exercises part of your daily routine then you’ll soon feel the benefits.

For those of you who feel that you can take on a more active programme for losing weight then you can start a much more excessive exercise programme. This means that you continue with your current calorie intake as the exercise will counterbalance the calories and you will start to use more than the 2500/2000 calories you need in the day.

Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Lose weight quick

Sneaky Exercises to Help You Lose Weight Quick

If you’re trying to lose weight quick there’s no substitute for a good exercise routine, but let’s face it-in today’s fast paced world, who has time to hit the gym? You’re doing good if you have time to hit the gas station on your way in to work! (And your addiction to their lattes might explain an awful lot…) The question is, if you’re trying to cram 36 hours worth of work and activities into a 24 hour day, can you still manage to lose weight quick?

Absolutely! You’re going to have to work a little harder to do it than your aerobics instructing neighbor down the street, but if you’re willing to put in a little effort there are hundreds of little changes you can make to your daily routine to help you lose weight quick and burn fat fast without forcing you to take an hour out of a day that doesn’t have nearly enough of them. For example, you could:

Take the stairs instead of riding the elevator. Think about the number of times a day you hop on board for a smooth, easy ride that lets you continue reading or talking on your cell phone. If you take these opportunities to hike up and down a flight of stairs you’ll burn more calories and lose weight quick. As an added bonus, there’s no faster way to burn off that annoying leg fat that just won’t go away to give you those trim, fit thighs you’ve been dreaming of.(Do you ever wonder what would have happened if they’d built the Titanic from thigh cellulite instead of steel? It would probably still be sitting in the harbor today!)

Kick on some music and dance while you’re in the shower and kitchen in the mornings! Not only does this help you sneak in some easy exercise while the clock isn’t looking, the blood thumping, heart pumping beat is a great way to jump start your day. Salsa in the shower, twist in front of the stove and rumba on your way out to your car. You’ll get to work with a smile on your face and a bounce in your step, and those extra pounds will just melt away.

Do squats when you’re talking on the phone by standing with your back straight and your legs relaxed and bending at the knees until you can form a straight line from one knee to the other. If done slowly squats are a great tool to tone muscles and lose weight quick, and they won’t leave you too out of breath to explain to yet another clueless person why they should stop thinking and just do things your way. Really.

Walk instead of hopping in the car. Do you really need to take the car to go across the street on your lunch hour? What about all those little errands you run close to home every day, like getting your mail, returning books to the library or picking up a gallon of low calorie, sugar free juice at the store? Tackling these errands at a brisk walk provides you with all the cardiovascular benefits of running, helping you to lose weight quick, and unlike jogging you won’t be disgustingly sweaty when you’re done.

There are hundreds of other changes you can make in a day to burn calories, tone muscles and watch the pounds melt off. These are just a few to get you started! Start looking for ways to get moving and shaking during the day while you do what you were going to do anyway, and couple it with a sensible, healthy diet. You’ll quickly find you don’t have to put your entire schedule on hold in order to lose weight quick.

Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Exercises to lose weight - Home Exercises

In the first article, exercises to lose weight we began our exploration of weight loss techniques and revealed some of the psychological reasons behind weight gain versus weight loss.
One of the difficulties leading to weight gain and the inability to physically act upon this is once a person has gained weight excessively, then it becomes more difficult for that individual to actually motivate themselves. Several factors are responsible for this lack of motivation such as self loathing and lack of energy.
Once a person reaches a certain physical state then they may not want to exercise amongst their peer group due to embarrassment or fear of ridicule or rejection.

In this second article we have brought together five of the most effective exercises in relation to steady weight loss. These exercises can also be practiced within the home so there is no reason to be thinking about joining a gym or exercising in public if you are embarrassed about your size.

Enjoy these exercises an try to make them a regular part of your daily activities. Remember to go at your own speed as this is not a race and your own weight loss programme should be designed around you and your desires.

Only you know your limitations.

#1 Step exercises are great for steady but consistent weight loss. What better place to start your programme than on the stairs that you climb or descend on a daily basis. Take it slowly at first remembering to keep your breathing steady and slow. The first time you try this exercise please keep the reps down to a few. Its best starting with 5 reps or so and then assessing how you feel. Overdo this exercise and you’ll feel the pain and will feel put off.
The following link gives a detailed picture in terms of the right technique tom be using so make sure that you check it out.

#2 Fast walking is absolutely great and is an ideal exercise for raising the heart rate and getting a sweat on. First step is to find a great place to do your walking, maybe a park or a country path.
Nobody knows what you are doing so don’t be embarrassed or feel strange. Buy a dog if it Makes you feel better as you’ll have an excuse to go walking and you’ll have the added bonus of a new companion.
Start your walks within your own limitations and don’t overdo it. You’ll know when enough is enough so its important to listen to these signs and rest up when needed.

#3 Push ups are great for losing weight and for toning the upper part of the body.
Start with knee push ups so that you’re your not lifting your whole weight. Once you’ve built up enough strength then you may want to try a more extreme push up.
The following link will give you a great insight into push ups and a fantastic programme that you can follow if you chose to.

#4 Squats are a brilliant exercise to lose weight as this exercise is working the one of the largest muscle groups which in return exerts the most amount of energy burning the highest amount of calories. Like all other exercises it is important to start slowly and just practice one or two before moving on to higher reps.
Its very important to keep your back straight with this exercise as you can damage your back if you do this exercise wrong.
Click on the link to find the perfect way of doing squats.

#5 Jumping jacks are physically extreme but a brilliant exercise for shifting those pounds of unwanted weight. These can be practiced anywhere and will lead to consistent weight loss.

Saturday, 26 April 2008

Exercises to lose weight

Heh fatty, unless your serious about weight loss then read something else why your tucking into to your third current bun!!

Exercises to lose weight does exactly what it suggests.

In this exciting article we examine various methods that are practiced by ordinary people wanting to get in shape and shed those unsightly pounds.

Now its no secret that being fat can seriously effect your health.
Being fat also prevents you from doing things with your life that other people do so naturally.
Being fat leads to personal disgust and feelings of discontent and self worthlessness.

Sound familiar?

Yet it doesn’t have to be like this. If we have the ability to gain weight then we also have the ability to lose weight!!
Only gaining weight is so much easier than losing weight……….right??


Its all about habit.
What I mean is habit drives the things we do in our everyday lives.

  • Habit is the function that gets you up in the morning.
  • Habit brushes your teeth and combs your hair.
  • Habit drives you to work and then drives you home again.
  • Habit is the enemy that has you reaching again and again……and again for that ‘just one more chocolate’.
  • Habit is the one responsible for the McDonalds that you pass every day, even though its 4 miles added to your journey.

I hope your catching my drift!!

So what has habit got to do with Exercises to lose weight?

Well I’ll move on and explain if you let me.
If habit is the drive, function or need that makes you do or behave in a certain way then ultimately you are still in control of what these things are that you do.
Does that make sense??

Habit is simply a collection of behaviors and skills that you have learn t throughout your lifetime.
These behaviors have massive implications and allow us to operate in a complex world that continuously changes.
Without habit you wouldn’t survive.

Yet with good habits there also comes bad habits. Call it order and chaos or Ying and Yang simply put its natures natural order to mess us around and have an opposite to everything.

Take thin or slim people. What different habits do they practice that are so different to yours?
Granted there are those few that are blessed with a perfect metabolism and these people stay slim without trying.
I’ll bet you’ll find that the vast majority of slim people possess very different habits to yours. What you’ll find is these people have learn to dispose of the ‘bad habits’ and have instead opted for the ‘good habits’.

This doesn’t make them better than you just a little wiser and maybe more focused.
You see the beautiful thing about successful habits is once you’ve got that big old train moving then there is no stopping it.

Exercises to lose weight is the perfect vehicle to kick start your journey to weight loss and personal freedom.
Exercise in itself has so many benefits it could be called miraculous.

Exercise gives you energy and a feeling of euphoria.

Exercise keeps your heart pumping and leads to better circulation.

Exercise is so addictive and is the best habit that we can have.

Exercise cures boredom and stops you wanting to ‘pig out’.

So what are the most perfect exercises to lose weight?

It doesn’t matter what you do as long as its more than you do now. Go and dance or go for a brisk walk.
Buy a dog and run it wild.
Get a bike and exercise till your legs burn and you can feel your heart pumping.

In the next posting we will be looking at what specific exercises are ideal for weight loss and how you can make them habit!!