Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Exercises to lose weight - Home Exercises

In the first article, exercises to lose weight we began our exploration of weight loss techniques and revealed some of the psychological reasons behind weight gain versus weight loss.
One of the difficulties leading to weight gain and the inability to physically act upon this is once a person has gained weight excessively, then it becomes more difficult for that individual to actually motivate themselves. Several factors are responsible for this lack of motivation such as self loathing and lack of energy.
Once a person reaches a certain physical state then they may not want to exercise amongst their peer group due to embarrassment or fear of ridicule or rejection.

In this second article we have brought together five of the most effective exercises in relation to steady weight loss. These exercises can also be practiced within the home so there is no reason to be thinking about joining a gym or exercising in public if you are embarrassed about your size.

Enjoy these exercises an try to make them a regular part of your daily activities. Remember to go at your own speed as this is not a race and your own weight loss programme should be designed around you and your desires.

Only you know your limitations.

#1 Step exercises are great for steady but consistent weight loss. What better place to start your programme than on the stairs that you climb or descend on a daily basis. Take it slowly at first remembering to keep your breathing steady and slow. The first time you try this exercise please keep the reps down to a few. Its best starting with 5 reps or so and then assessing how you feel. Overdo this exercise and you’ll feel the pain and will feel put off.
The following link gives a detailed picture in terms of the right technique tom be using so make sure that you check it out.

#2 Fast walking is absolutely great and is an ideal exercise for raising the heart rate and getting a sweat on. First step is to find a great place to do your walking, maybe a park or a country path.
Nobody knows what you are doing so don’t be embarrassed or feel strange. Buy a dog if it Makes you feel better as you’ll have an excuse to go walking and you’ll have the added bonus of a new companion.
Start your walks within your own limitations and don’t overdo it. You’ll know when enough is enough so its important to listen to these signs and rest up when needed.

#3 Push ups are great for losing weight and for toning the upper part of the body.
Start with knee push ups so that you’re your not lifting your whole weight. Once you’ve built up enough strength then you may want to try a more extreme push up.
The following link will give you a great insight into push ups and a fantastic programme that you can follow if you chose to.

#4 Squats are a brilliant exercise to lose weight as this exercise is working the one of the largest muscle groups which in return exerts the most amount of energy burning the highest amount of calories. Like all other exercises it is important to start slowly and just practice one or two before moving on to higher reps.
Its very important to keep your back straight with this exercise as you can damage your back if you do this exercise wrong.
Click on the link to find the perfect way of doing squats.

#5 Jumping jacks are physically extreme but a brilliant exercise for shifting those pounds of unwanted weight. These can be practiced anywhere and will lead to consistent weight loss.

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