Saturday, 26 April 2008

Exercises to lose weight

Heh fatty, unless your serious about weight loss then read something else why your tucking into to your third current bun!!

Exercises to lose weight does exactly what it suggests.

In this exciting article we examine various methods that are practiced by ordinary people wanting to get in shape and shed those unsightly pounds.

Now its no secret that being fat can seriously effect your health.
Being fat also prevents you from doing things with your life that other people do so naturally.
Being fat leads to personal disgust and feelings of discontent and self worthlessness.

Sound familiar?

Yet it doesn’t have to be like this. If we have the ability to gain weight then we also have the ability to lose weight!!
Only gaining weight is so much easier than losing weight……….right??


Its all about habit.
What I mean is habit drives the things we do in our everyday lives.

  • Habit is the function that gets you up in the morning.
  • Habit brushes your teeth and combs your hair.
  • Habit drives you to work and then drives you home again.
  • Habit is the enemy that has you reaching again and again……and again for that ‘just one more chocolate’.
  • Habit is the one responsible for the McDonalds that you pass every day, even though its 4 miles added to your journey.

I hope your catching my drift!!

So what has habit got to do with Exercises to lose weight?

Well I’ll move on and explain if you let me.
If habit is the drive, function or need that makes you do or behave in a certain way then ultimately you are still in control of what these things are that you do.
Does that make sense??

Habit is simply a collection of behaviors and skills that you have learn t throughout your lifetime.
These behaviors have massive implications and allow us to operate in a complex world that continuously changes.
Without habit you wouldn’t survive.

Yet with good habits there also comes bad habits. Call it order and chaos or Ying and Yang simply put its natures natural order to mess us around and have an opposite to everything.

Take thin or slim people. What different habits do they practice that are so different to yours?
Granted there are those few that are blessed with a perfect metabolism and these people stay slim without trying.
I’ll bet you’ll find that the vast majority of slim people possess very different habits to yours. What you’ll find is these people have learn to dispose of the ‘bad habits’ and have instead opted for the ‘good habits’.

This doesn’t make them better than you just a little wiser and maybe more focused.
You see the beautiful thing about successful habits is once you’ve got that big old train moving then there is no stopping it.

Exercises to lose weight is the perfect vehicle to kick start your journey to weight loss and personal freedom.
Exercise in itself has so many benefits it could be called miraculous.

Exercise gives you energy and a feeling of euphoria.

Exercise keeps your heart pumping and leads to better circulation.

Exercise is so addictive and is the best habit that we can have.

Exercise cures boredom and stops you wanting to ‘pig out’.

So what are the most perfect exercises to lose weight?

It doesn’t matter what you do as long as its more than you do now. Go and dance or go for a brisk walk.
Buy a dog and run it wild.
Get a bike and exercise till your legs burn and you can feel your heart pumping.

In the next posting we will be looking at what specific exercises are ideal for weight loss and how you can make them habit!!

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